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Volume 1 English Literature
Volume 2 Classical Music
Volume 3 The Theatre
Volume 4 The Film Industry
Volume 5 Poetry
Volume 6 The Television Industry
Volume 7 The Real Lady Godiva
Volume 8 World Heritage Centre
Volume 9 Brass Bands, Big Bands,
Marching Bands & Steel
Volume 10 Ballet & Dance
Volume 11 Coventry, the Clay-
Modelling Capital of the
Volume 12 Master-craftsmen,
Mystery Plays &
Midsummer Madness.
Volume 13 Being Sent to Coventry,
A Fate Worse than
Death Since 1456
Volume 14 Disability, Young People
& Hereward College.
Determination not
Defeat. (The True spirit
of Coventry)
Volume 15 The City of Coventry and
the Secret Origins of the
Royal Navy
Volume 16 Coventry, Crecy and The Secret
Origins of the British Army
Volume 17 Why an Elephant? The Secret
Code of the City Arms
Volume 18 The Opera
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